Mission & Vision

Vision To empower women with excellent education, inclusiveness, empathy, self-reliance and respect for Indian culture.
  • To provide quality education with traditional values for the holistic development of women especially from weaker section of society.
  • To nature human skills and augment national consciousness.
  • To prepare them to face the challenges of modern, technological and globalizing world.
  • To sensitize them with social and environmental issues.
Mission & Vision Document
Goals & Objective We consider women a major force in the development process of the society. Women's empowerment is the sine qua known for social progress and stability of the Nation. Education is an important instrument in the development of human resources. For us imparting quality education is a mission. Our vision is to build our institution into a modern and progressive center serving the society by providing quality education in emerging areas to women enabling them to play a meaningful role in the 21st century. Our motto is social growth and stability through empowerment of women by using education as a tool of human resource development.
  • To develop new academic courses and revise current academic programmes to keep place with the changing scenario.
  • To vocationalize courses.
  • To enhance and promote excellence in teaching and learning.
  • To encourage and support innovation in teaching and learning.
  • To develop a systematic approach for the success of students.
  • To create an ICT infrastructure that is supportive of academic and administrative needs.
  • To promote computer competency for students and faculty and staff.
  • To provide supportive services to students.
  • To increase awareness of student support services, policies and campus events among students.
  • To maintain an administrative information system that is useful integrated and user friendly.
  • To promote communication, cooperation and shared decision making among administrative and academic departments.
  • To support and encourage staff for personal academic growth.
  • To Support & encourage students for co-curricular activities.
  • To provide a clean accessible environment, this meets the needs of students faculty and staff.
  • To promote a spirit of community service among students, faculty and staff.
  • To ensure and sustain the institutional standards to highest level.
  • The goals and objectives are communicated to students and parents by following means
  • The mission and vision statements are printed in prospectus.
  • At the time of counseling for admission these are explained to parents.