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Students & Staff
Department of Chemistry

Department of chemistry was establish 1983 along with the commencement of science stream in the college chemistry was introduced as compulsory subjects for all science students at undergraduate level.

With the advent of time the department has developed a good infrastructure including spacious & well equipped UG and PG laboratories. The department is also equipped with smart class and computer internet facility. The total strength of students in chemistry is approximately 500.

Presently post graduated courses are being offered under self finance posts, the department has maintained its standard in teaching. Research and other academic activities.
The department receives regular financial support from UGC and janbhagidari samiti of the college.

Success Growth:-
Chemistry is offered as compulsory subject in the following group of courses.
    • Physics-Maths-Chemistry
    • Botany – zoology- chemistry
    • Biotechnology- Botany – chemistry
    • Microbiology – zoology -  chemistry

      * Supports the teaching of bio chemistry in home science faculty of the college
      * Organization of national level seminar/workshops .

    Department has organized a successful national level training workshop on Low cost instrumentation supported by CPDHE Delhi (1997)

    • National level seminar on Emerging chemistry technologies supported by UGC (2002)
    • Series of Lectures/Instrumentation training workshop at regional level are conducted regularly.
    • International year of chemistry IYC-2012 was celebrated.

New Courses:-
  • Industrial chemistry was introduced as optional subjects for UG classes 2002
  • PG classes are started under self finance scheme (2011)
The department of chemistry is at ground floor well equipped separate laboratories for under graduate and post graduate classes with all basic facilities including gas line and water supply system.

Instrumentation laboratory:-
The instrumentation laboratory is equipped with various instruments for carrying out experiments pertaining to physical, inorganic and organic chemistry. The main instruments are as follows:-

  • Colorimeter
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Potentiometer
  • Flame photometer
  • Digital PH meter
  • Auto titrate
  • Conductivity bridge
  • Analytical balance
  • Mono pan balance
  • Electronic balance
  • Nitrogen cylinder
  • Electric oven
  • Centrifuge machine
  • Hot pirate
  • Thermostat
  • Vacuum pump
  • Malting point apparatus
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Stop watches
  • Refrigerator
Smart class:-
Interactive gadgets like models, oven,head projectors, LCD projector are used for effective teaching . Teaching seminar for PG student are done through power point presentations.
The department library has been established to cater the needs of post graduate students and faculty members. More than 300 reference books and textbooks on various branches of chemistry are industrial chemistry are available.

Two research journals are being subscribed by the chemistry department

  • Journal of the Indian chemical society.
  • Indian journal of chemistry
The department collaborates with renowned organization in region.
    • Department of chemistry , jiwaji university, Gwalior
    • Defense research and development establishment (D.R.D.E.) Gwalior.
No of sanctioned post = 02
Guest faculty = 02 (for self finance courses)
Dr. Manju koushik                              -           Prof. & Head
Qualification                                       -           M.Sc., Ph.D.
Teaching experience                         -           32 years
Research experience                         -           20 years
Membership of                                   -           jiwaji university Gwalior
Academic bodies                               -           science society, jiwaji university
Participation international                  -           international conference of environment
Conferences (past of 05 year)          -           chemistry at Mauritius – 2010
Other imp participation                      -           training workshop on women empowerment 2011
Other responsibilities
  1. Superintendent university exam
  2. Convener scholarship scheme (UGC)
  3. Convener pratibha bank

Dr. Renu Nair                                      -           Assistance professor
Specialization                                      -           Inorganic professor
Teaching Experience                          -           20 years
Research experience                          -           15 years

  1. Registered  as Ph.D supervisor in jiwaji university Gwalior
  2. Successfully completed two research projects
  3. Three students are awarded Ph.D. two students are registered.
  4. Research paper published in national & international journals.

Membership with academic bodies   -           life member of Indian chemical society kolkatta

Participation in international conference (past 05 years)

  1. International conference on environmental chemistry at Mauritius – 2010
  2. International conference on sustainable future of chemistry, jaipur 2012

Department programme (past 05 years)      

  1. entrepreneurship development programme (2010)

other responsibilities Head

  1. convener career counseling cell
  2. Member IQAC Cell.
  3. Member library committee.

Supporting staff :-
Mr. dheeraj mishra Lab Teacher
Mr. siyaram verma Lab Assistant

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